• Yuanfei Zhou

    At present, he is mainly engaged in the theory of hydrogen molecular ecological balance in the field of urban modern agriculture, the mechanism of plant nutrient balance and hydrogen growth and stress resistance, the prevention and control of biodiversity diseases and insect pests, the integration of intelligent plant hydrogen agricultural cultivation techniques, and the demonstration and popularization of new varieties of hydrogen molecular epigenetic in special rice and horticultural plants. It has long been responsible for the mode innovation and reform exploration of the national agricultural science and technology innovation and integration demonstration base, the comprehensive demonstration base of the urban agricultural key laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and Countryside, and the national popular science education base to serve the practical teaching of agricultural science. With more than 20 years of molecular breeding and ecological cultivation experience, more than 10 years of facility agriculture and plant factory technology integration, demonstration, application and popular science education experience.

    Research Direction

    Biological diversity and hydrogen molecular ecological balance; plant stress resistance hydrogen molecular breeding; plant factory hydrogen cultivation techniques.

    Scientific Research Achievements

    Presided over or as a major member of more than 10 national and provincial scientific research and popular science projects, participated in the compilation of 1 English monograph ,1 translated book ,1 middle school textbook, published more than 10 papers.


    Won second prize of Zhejiang University Teaching Achievement Award and the third prize of Shanghai Jiaotong University first Teaching staff calligraphy Competition.