test Research Overview
October 30 , 2019

In the direction of hydrogen energy, the following contents will be studied: (1) solar energy-based hydrogen energy utilization technology and system; (2) solar energy-based high-efficiency photovoltaic hydrogen conversion technology; (3) solar hydrogen-to-heat conversion technology and system; ( 4) Integrated system manufacturing technology. After the preliminary research and exploration, the project team has obtained a batch of important scientific and application achievements, and the achievements have been published in famous academic journals such as Science, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, Energy Environment Science, Nature Energy, Nature Communications, etc. Developed a high hydrogen storage core-shell structure magnesium-based hydrogen storage material and its preparation and application technology, and used it in a fuel cell. The drone has an endurance of up to 6 hours; a high-grade material transmission system based on natural optimization was proposed. Performance electrode framework, and used in national high-speed rail projects; developed new low-cost and high-efficiency photoelectric conversion materials and systems, breaking the world efficiency record many times; proposed a new theory of high-efficiency and high-speed charging of interface photothermal conversion and photothermal storage, and used for Low temperature and high temperature solar thermal storage system.

The research content of hydrogen medicine: (1) the mechanism of hydrogen treatment of diseases; (2) the scope of hydrogen treatment of diseases; (3) the role of endogenous hydrogen. Sun Xuejun, an adjunct professor at the Hydrogen Science Center, is the founder of the field of hydrogen medicine in China. He has published more than 100 academic papers on hydrogen medicine in the past 10 years, and published monographs on hydrogen medicine in both Chinese and English. Hydrogen Medical Academic Organization.

Research content of hydrogen agriculture: (1) Need to explore the mechanism of hydrogen's effect on plants, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for the future application of hydrogen in agricultural production; (2) Need to further study the impact of hydrogen on different plants, for Subsequent specific scale application will provide guarantee; (3) Large-scale farmland scale experiments will be carried out to improve the application effect and economic benefits of hydrogen and hydrogen water in agricultural production. Published SCI papers related to hydrogen agriculture accounted for more than 50% of all SCI papers related to hydrogen agriculture; published publications include Plant Physiology, Plant, Cell & Environment and Journal of Hazardous Materials; etc. It is a national invention patent and utility model patent for hydrogen agriculture, and participated in the establishment of the first hydrogen agriculture base in China.